New school in Hampton Cove/Big Cove area. Now, if they can just remember how to spell it’s name…


Huntsville City Schools began the new year with a bit of good news – plans were approved for the building of a new Blossomwood Elementary School AND the newest of the city’s schools – Goldsmith-Schiffman Elementary – opened.  Principal Brad Scott was formerly the principal of Monte Sano but began the school year overseeing Goldsmith-Schiffman’s activities at the beginning of the 2010-2011 school year while housed at Hampton Cove Elementary.  The children were separated into their Goldsmith-Schiffman classes with teachers they will be with during this school year.  I’d imagine it would be tough on the faculty and staff to work through the first part of the year with multiple “chefs in one kitchen,” but they now have room to roam.  And, more importantly, overcrowding at these schools is greatly eased.

The school was named for the family who donated the land.  The Goldsmith-Schiffman family, led by Margaret Anne Goldsmith, are longtime Huntsville residents, dating back to the Bernstein family.  Their family still owns property all over the area, including the Tallulah Bankhead birthplace on the East Side Square and the Bernstein house on Gates.  The home next door to the Bernstein house was built for the Bernstein’s daughter when she married into the Goldsmith family and was purchased in 2000 by my parents, Richard & Nancy VanValkenburgh, for use as our corporate offices of VanValkenburgh & Wilkinson, REALTORS.

Margaret Anne tells the family story best in the following video, also telling of the exciting Goldsmith-Schiffman Wildlife Sanctuary on the land bordering the school property:

The school is an exciting new addition to the area and promises to feature fantastic natural attractions for all the people of North Alabama, whether they have school aged children or not.  Take a look at the Huntsville Times article about the school opening, linked below.  I wish all the best to the students, families, faculty and staff of Huntsville’s newest school.  Congratulations!


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