SEC Football begins


As I watch Alabama play Kent State, I am thinking of some good friends who just made the move from Huntsville from the West Coast. One of their dilemmas in making the move was… get this… whether they’d be an Alabama family or an Auburn family! I didn’t realize that the Alabama-Auburn rivalry had reached north beyond the Mason-Dixon or west of the state of Texas. Then, just a few weeks ago, a friend from Huntsville living in NYC noted that their Old Navy commercials featured an entire party full of people in Alabama paraphanalia who decide to allow an Auburn fan into the party. She was floored.

Truth is, SEC football season is pretty thrilling. The smack talk starts in recruiting season, wanes a bit during the summer and then starts full on after each team’s “A-Day” games, when the fans realize if their team is any good or not. Whether or not the team is good really doesn’t matter – a true fan will smack talk all day long in favor of their team regardless, but they’re more enthusiastic if there was a good showing at the A-Day game!

Around the end of August, flags for a family’s team are hung proudly by the front door and gardens everywhere feature garden flags with a huge crimson “A” or an orange & blue “AU”. Friends are greeted with “War Eagle” or “Roll Tide.” If you wear any school colors, symbols or even have symbols on your car, you can be assured that someone you come in contact with will give you the proper greeting. The only hospitable thing to do is respond in kind. That’s what any good, self-respecting Huntsvillian would do…


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