Out with the old and in with the new!


…or so it seems in the Huntsville City Schools these days.  We’ve just experienced the opening of Lee/New Century High School on Meridian Street and the new, $22 million Blossomwood Elementary School, which is, truth be told – magnificent.  To top if all off, Huntsville City Schools is implementing a 1:1 computer system, putting laptop or netbook computers in the hands and homes of every HCS student from 3rd grade through 12th.  Younger grades will also see iPads utilized in their classrooms as they prepare for their own digital conversions in the coming years.  Fifth grade students pioneered the computer usage last year and the system-wide conversion occurred in about 6 months, largely over the summer months.  The kids never seemed phased by the idea of using computers, though it is a shift in thinking/instruction methodology of HCS’s teachers.  Still, all I’ve spoken with since the start of school seem much happier and excited about the possibilities after they had their training sessions prior to the beginning of school.

It’s a new world for most of us adults but the kids are rolling right along, laptops in hand.  They look so cute and it’s nice to see them holding them rather than weighted down by backpacks 3 times their own size.  The wifi techs are sweating bullets these days, but glitches are theirs to worry over as everyone reminds each other that “we’re all in this together.”  The new system websites for each school appear to be next in line for overhaul in this rapidly paced re-vamp by Superintendent Dr. Casey Wardynski.  I have to say, I’m almost as excited about the new websites with clearly defined fields and email/text notifications for parents, a welcomed change from the piecemealed sites we’ve had up until this point.  I am excited to see the possibilities…


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