Roll Tide from Cowboy Stadium



My husband and I just returned from the season opener between the University of Alabama and the University of Michigan. As a football newbie, I am always amazed at how many people travel with the team and how exceptional it is to be in another state but still be warmly greeted with an enthusiastic “Roll Tide”. I grew up with parents who graduated from Auburn, but still the tradition that washes over a place in a sea of crimson definitely makes one feel more at home, even in Cowboy Stadium. I’ve experienced the same sensation during Alabama trips to Hawaii, New Orleans, Atlanta, Orlando, Jacksonville, Florida and last year’s trip to Penn State just months before their unfortunate situation was revealed. (Even have a photo with JoePa’s statue that is no longer on display at their stadium) Our daughter loved her travels with my husband to the Rose Bowl a few years ago, too. She loved seeing the palm trees, Disneyland and the Crimson Tide…

Traveling with any team, especially with teams that have such a loyal fanbase like Alabama or Auburn, is a total blast.  I hope everyone in Alabama gets a happy football greeting of their chosen team at least once in their lives. It makes a big world a little bit cozier…



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