This afternoon  on California Street, my lane was blocked by a group of police cruisers accompanying a funeral procession on its way to Maple Hill Cemetery. I’m told the police escorts for funerals are not seen in many areas of the country.  To be honest, I never really thought about it until I attended the funeral of my great grandmother in south Georgia as a small child. Not only did we receive police escort, but the cars in the oncoming lanes stopped out of respect for my family and in memory of our lost loved one.  I saw the same thing in Huntsville today. It was a form of respect that many people do not recognize anymore. Last respects are simply respect and families appreciate it more than any of us will probably ever know.

In south Georgia so many years ago, a telephone worker strapped to the side of a pole even removed his hard hat as our family passed by.  As a small child, his unexpected show of respect made a lasting impact on me that was brought to my attention again today on California Street. Although Huntsville is a bigger city these days, it’s nice to know that we haven’t forgotten how to show respect.  It’s another reason to be happy in Huntsville.


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