1818 Farms in Mooresville, AL: “The Way Life Used to Be”


A few years ago, a friend of mine named Natasha McCrary told our  ladies’ church group that her family was starting a small farm to raise babydoll sheep.  “My son fell in love with them and the kids have been wanting to get a few babydolls.  We thought it would be a great family adventure” was what she answered when we incredulously asked her where they got the idea to start a commercial farm with babydoll sheep, chickens and the like…


The McCrary family has been a part of Mooresville, AL for generations.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with Mooresville, it is an exquisite historic town just minutes from both downtown Huntsville and downtown Decatur along Interstate 565.  As you pass the Mooresville exit, you’d never guess that beyond the treeline on that bare stretch of road before the I-65 interchange is a beautiful example of yesteryear.  An old brick church – one that welcomed President Andrew Johnson back in the 1800’s – still stands today, as does one of the oldest Post Offices in Alabama, though it’s hours have been cut back along with it’s larger city counterparts.  Mooresville is so picturesque, it has been used as the setting for movies such as Disney’s 1990’s movie “Tom and Huck.”

The small babydoll sheep operation was sure to be just a lark – a short lived dabble in all things farm related, right?  Still, our industrious friend had a glimmer in her eye, a plan in her head and enough gumption to make it all come to fruition.  What is so amazing is how the farm has become a culinary, medicinal, social and agricultural masterpiece as well.

Selling farm fresh eggs, lavender bath bombs, herbal lip balm, candles and more, 1818 Farms has become it’s own brand.   But the family and the animals are the real stars of the show.

Kroaker and Justice

Natasha’s  posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram bring an insta-smile to your face as you watch the Great Pyrenees watchdogs, Kroaker and Justice.  Or the babydoll sheep – especially the beauty queen they call Farrah Fawcett.

These days, 1818 Farms hosts birthday parties, ladies’ luncheons and training classes for entertaining, cooking and holiday crafts.  Take a look at their website www.1818farms.com when you get a chance and you’ll know why having such a special and beautiful place nearby will always make you happy in Huntsville…

kids at 1818


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