View from a Visitor…


We recently hosted relatives who visited Huntsville from Brooklyn, NY.  We have visited them many times and always found the New York area filled to the brim with activities, attractions, landmarks, etc.  Little did we know that our city would be as appreciated by them in return.  The Botanical Gardens, the U.S. Space and Rocket Center, Alabama barbeque, Downtown Huntsville and others certainly added to the experience!  I thought this was a beautiful summary of what someone else recognized about our city.  It’s another reason to be proud and Happy in Huntsville…  Here is is:


“Huntsville Alabama. A place where schools and streets are named after Astronauts and Shuttles Missions. A small community that quietly won the Cold War and put the first man on the Moon. A place where Patriotism is not an abstract idea but instead a way of life. The warmth and hospitality that we’ve been shown this week can never be matched! Thank you so much to our family! I promise we’ll be back soon! Roll Tide  and War Eagle!”Image


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